Nail Fungus Treatment

Use Laser Power to Achieve More Beautiful Fingernails and Toenails

Diana Vargas and the experts at Advanced Laser Medical Center can help you get rid of fungus under your fingernails and toenails using the proven laser power of the GentleYAG Pro® system. Throughout the Miami area, laser treatments are quickly becoming a popular method of eliminating nail fungus on fingers and toes. Laser treatments are more effective than topical or oral treatments, and they provide excellent results without the risk of side effects.

How the GentleYAG Laser Destroys Nail Fungus

GentleYAG uses safe, quick bursts of laser energy to heat the infected tissue and directly target the pathogens that cause fungus to grow underneath the nail. The treatment has been proven effective in more than 85% of patients surveyed. Your new nail will begin to form within three to six months following your treatment sessions, and a healthy, clear nail should be completely grown in within a year.

You can expect about three treatment sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart. Patients may experience some discomfort during the laser treatment. This discomfort usually resolves shortly after the procedure, and we can work with you to manage any discomfort you feel.

Find out if laser treatment can help you get rid of nail fungus once and for all. Advanced Laser Medical Center can help you look and feel better from head to toe. Call 786.631.5339 or click here to contact us today.